well Mosaic Muze is a melting pot of all the things I love. I have a passion for music and entertainment and it loves me back. I am a little OCD when it comes to caring for my skin so I will review products and share some of my faves as well. One thing I love as much as I do myself is food [it shows in my hips :)] So I will post recipes and some of my favorite foods from different restaurants I visit. I will utilize this an outlet to share a little bit of myself with the world.

As a previous law student the law is something close to my heart. I have gained valuable work experience in the field  of Immigration and Refugee law. I will share the most up to date information on what’s new with immigrating to Canada, and how those changes may affect those wanting to immigrate to Canada. (Please note I am not yet licensed to provide legal advice).

I have been wanting to do this this for a very long time and was always sidetracked. However, with my passion for media and communications this is the perfect way for me to add value to my career and have fun doing it.

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