My Oasis


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Oasis.”

My Oasis: My room

I STRONGLY believe in alone time, something I know I picked up from my mother who I remember as always being deep in thought.  Having time for yourself helps keep you in-tuned with your inner self, and enables you to stay balanced. You can’t be easily swayed when you are strong in your beliefs and what you want.

This is something you can only know when you have truly had the opportunity to get to know YOU! I was told once by a friend that I have the ability to heal myself, and I have to admit this individual couldn’t be more accurate.

My room is a place where I can laugh, cry, relax, read, pray, or just lay down and be


For as long as I can remember it was my escape from everything bad that was happening around me. A place where I also indulged in comedies a place where I would sing. When I feel sad I YouTube old stand up acts from Eddie Murphy, to Richard Pryor, Martin Lawrence, and D.L Hughley to name a few, and watch them until I laughed.

Laughter at times really is the best medicine. Laughing makes me forget for a little while why I was sad. I find myself repeating the jokes and laughing at them again days later.

My room is also where I sing. I wouldn’t say I am the best, BUT! I have sung on a  few choirs and grew up in the church, so singing is a stress reliever for me.

All these amongst others can be done in the comfort of my room.

From writing this post I realize how much it has kept me sane, as it represents a place of reflection and safety.

I feel at peace in my room when the doors are closed and it is just me, my thoughts, and GOD.


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