SKIN ME: My favorite Makeup Products

So, as I mentioned in my brief introduction I am OBSESSED with my skin. I RARELY wear make up and when I say rarely I truly mean rare,  it all depends on if I have somewhere to go, and these days with my school schedule I do nothing. So it’s fair to say for 2015 I have yet to wear any make up. That included new years, and I did go out.

When I do decide to get glammed up, My favorite make-up brand is IMAN.  I find IMAN matches my skin tone perfectly, my makeup always looks flawless and I use a minimal of everything.

Let me just get into it.

I am a fan of liquid foundation so I use “IMAN second to none liquid foundation. ( can be found at sears or Rexall in Toronto)


My shade is CLAY 3. 

I also use the second to none pressed powder in medium dark to set my make-up.  Please note I use these as they are complimentary to my skin tone. ( can be found at sears or Rexall in Toronto)


For primer I do not use IMAN instead I use Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro Primer, this eliminates all the oil I could possibly think of that may be on my face; so when I do apply my foundation and powder. I do not need a filter for those instagram posts as I look like a doll.


I don’t always use a primer it really just depends on where I’m going. Some places I know that I just need a little fluff so I do not prep my face to that extent.

I know a lot of people love MAC I wish I could love it as much, however, I am allergic to Mac products. I really do love their blush so I have stuck it out with fluer power. 


 It is smooth, and stays on all day. Some days when I want to brighten up my face I add a little.

Now, MY FAVORITE mascara of ALL TIME has to be.. well let me give you a little story. I was that girl because I did not wear much make I didn’t really care to invest in anything. I used whatever mascara was on sale. Until one day I went into Shoppers Drug Mart ( a drugstore) and decided I was going to buy into the usual sales pitch that I always run from. I run from them because I DO NOT use testers, and it is plainly for sanitary purposes, and trying products in sales pitch meant that a tester would be applied to my skin.

This day after listening to the cosmetician pitch to me why I should try this mascara, I told her I would only try it if she opened a new one. She was so confident that I would love it. She did. ( now to me she is a good sales person, because if I hated it, she would have had to account for the loss). However, she unboxed it- I tried it and never looked back.


This is the Lancome Hypnose Mascara. It changed my life. The best I have had. It is not water proof. Doesn’t really matter to me, I know some people do like their waterproof mascara. But, I will never use another brand again.

As for lipsticks, I try different brands, I do not have a favorite, same as eye shadows.

I use Vaseline on my lips for every day moisture. I find it is simple and cost effective, and it keeps my lips moisturized for up to 8 hours, especially in the colder months.

There you have it my staple make up items. I am a simple girl. I do not have a make up case, nor am I well versed enough on what’s out there.

I try different looks with my eyes, but these are the staple of my foundation

Where my product junkie habit lays in my skincare, but I will leave that for another day!


2 thoughts on “SKIN ME: My favorite Makeup Products

    • sodeevyne says:

      Thanks Zee, I know nothing about make up but those work for me. And Iman is perfect for woman of color. Try it if you get a chance. There is also a little bronzer in the liquid foundation so it gives you a glow.


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