Ebola in Toronto!

Recently, I read an article about Toronto lawyer Joseph Osuji who filed a lawsuit with the federal court against the Canadian government; who has temporarily placed a ban on visa issuance, and free travel to individuals from countries, that have been affected by the Ebola virus.

Mr. Osuji filed his complaint on behalf of The Just Group claiming the ban is discriminatory, unconstitutional, and a violation of international health regulations.  As of today Canada has denied approximately 180 visa applications since the Ebola outbreak.

When you look at the situation from a personal perspective, I can see why Mr. Osuji thinks this is unjust. There are probably people whose family members are ill and want to visit them, individuals who have businesses overseas they need to tend to, events they need to attend, or those that are just plain ole homesick and want to go back “home”.

However, from the governments point of view, why not keep the illness in a place where it can be contained and resolved. If the government knows where the source of the problem is they want to stop it there, instead of hurting more people.

Some people say this is something the United States should have done, stop the incoming and outgoing traffic from the infected countries which would have eliminated the deaths and infections that occurred.

Do you agree or disagree that the Canadian Government should allow individuals to travel freely to and from these countries?  Let me know.

Since the outbreak of Ebola there have been 20,000 reported cases of the disease and more than 8,200 deaths.


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