TIME- is it ever right?


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Image Search.”

Is there ever a right time…?

To study?

To shower?

To eat?

To get married?

To have a baby?

To buy a home?

To start doing something you love?

To start over?

To pick up the phone and call?

To pursue your dreams?

To fall in love?

To forgive?

To forget?

People always say that there is a time and place for everything, but is that actually true? IF we are always waiting for the right time, what happens with the time that past us?

What was that time good for? What could we have been doing then?

Then they say time wasted is detrimental, but who determines that you wasted your time?

Do you?

Or does the person who just got more physical things done than you?

Does mental time counts as wasted time?

I mean there is nothing wrong with day dreaming…. or is there?

What about starting a family?- this is the ultimate one, if some of our parents waited for the perfect time to have kids, many of us wouldn’t be here. Let’s be real most of us were not planned, we were surprises!.

But, not everyone likes surprises..hmmm

So when it comes to your current situation are you waiting to be surprised?

Have an epiphany?

Or are you just waiting for the right



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