Did you get trapped?

Well… did you?

No I don’t mean she/he trapped you with a baby, or you got trapped in a bathroom, or in a dark cellar.

I mean TRAPPED in your own thoughts, or trapped with other people’s expectations of you are, or who you should be.

When you feel trapped you sometimes feel like people do not understand, because you are locked in a mental box of ideologies and emotions and no one knows that you are LONELY.  This makes you less likely to ask for help, and in reality YOU DO need the help. Some people say that you are angry, and the truth is you are. You are broken, which makes you angry.

What needs to come into your life to free you from mental destruction?

New people?

New opportunities? or does something NEW need to come from WITHIN you.

How hard will you work for it?

How much FAITH are you willing to have, because it won’t be easy.

How much CONTROL are you willing to take over your own life?

It’s a CHOICE YOU need to make, someone else cannot make it for you.

It does not happen over night, it takes a lot of work to change your life around.

Giving you


Where you start to find yourself, you start honing your skills, you start to LOVE yourself again, and find who you are TRULY meant to be.

You start to gain a sense of control, and become COMFORTABLE
But complacency, and being comfortable at times eat at us as well…

Are you okay with being “just fine”?,

Or do you want to have that fire, and go out and do the things you are passionate about?

I mean loving and doing the things that make you happy, because your challenging yourself.

Challenging yourself to go beyond your comfort zone, and do things you never thought you could do.

This is the life we are meant to live.

Are you living it?

Are you “just fine”

Are you comfortable?

Are you okay with being comfortable?

Are you being challenged, and challenging yourself?

No? then

You need to start getting excited about things

Be happy about your accomplishments

Celebrate them

Celebrate the things that matter to you, and while you’re doing that aim a little higher for the other things you want to celebrate.

Do you want to live life?


Daydream about living it?




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