Relationship & Bullshit Chronicles: Are you a Side Chick?

I first want to say that NO WOMAN should be confused as to which one she is. We all know pretending you don’t is just you playing the victim. STOP IT!

I have never been a side chick, but I have been in situations where I know I was about to get drafted to be one, and I quickly quit the team because I was not trying to be apart of the Roster. As women, as cliché as it sounds, we have to know our worth.

We cannot be out here, throwing it back ( in all ways) for free. We should not be giving up entrees, when what you are is the side order.

I mean we can all go to a restaurant and order a side salad, or a side of fries, but not everyone can afford the Lobster, or the Fillet Mignon.

So here are my tips to let you know if you are THE BOLD ITEMS ON THE MENU, or the little ones tucked away at the back near the refillable sodas.

  1. You have been “together” for over a year and never met any of his friends or family.
  2. He only sees you at night.
  3. He only sees or calls you when he wants your fillet mignon.
  4. You have never been to his house.
  5. Phone calls are always brief, and you only hear from him during certain hours.
  6. You are not allowed to talk about him to others, because he wants to keep your relationship private, and he doesn’t want anyone in your business.
  7. You have never spent a holiday with him.
  8. He never shows up when he’s supposed to, and never gets upset when you cancel plans.
  9. He panics whenever you get near his phone.
  10. You never go anywhere in public and when you do it’s in remote areas and at night.
  11. He does not like when or allows you take photos of him.
  12. Your relationship is purely physical.
  13. When you bring up the future his response is “you never know what the future holds”.
  14. You are not connected on any social media, and if you are he deletes your comments.
  15. Your number is not saved in his phone, and if it is its under a different name.
  16. He rarely spends the night.
  17. He is married, or has a girlfriend.
  18. You are okay with hiding everything you are both doing.

If these things are happening to you sorry boo but you’re a side chick, and if you are condoning it then YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED to  be mad at him, when things don’t go as YOU planned. You allowed it to happen the only person you can be mad at is you.


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